50 Best Computer Keyboard Shortcut Keys List - जो आपको पता होने चाहिए

If you want to work fast on the computer, it is very important to know about some shortcut keys of computer. in this post we find some of the most used basic shortcut keys that work with almost all computer and software programs.

We want you to remember all these shortcut keys, so that you have the simplicity of work.If you can not remember, then make a bookmark on this page.

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Computer Keyboard Shortcut Keys List

Most Useful Keyboard Shortcuts 

Ctrl+A - Select all text.
Ctrl+X - Cut selected item.
Ctrl+C - Copy selected item.
Ctrl+V- Paste
Shift+Del - Cut selected item.
Ctrl+Ins - Copy selected item
Shift+Ins - Paste
Ctrl+Y - Redo the last action
Ctrl+Z - Undo last action
F2 - Rename a selected file
F5 - Refresh the current program window
F1 - Universal Help in almost every Windows program.
Alt+F -File menu options in the current program.
Alt+E - Edit options in current program

Alt+Tab - Switch between open programs
Ctrl+N - Create a new, blank document in some software programs
Ctrl+O - Open a file in current software program
Ctrl+B - Change selected text to be Bold
Ctrl+I - Change selected text to be in Italics
Ctrl+U - Change selected text to be Underlined
Ctrl+F - Open find window for current document or window.
Ctrl+S - Save current document file.
Ctrl+K - Insert hyperlink for selected text
Ctrl+P - Print the current page or document.

Home - Goes to beginning of current line.
Ctrl+Home - Goes to beginning of the document.
End - Goes to end of current line.
Ctrl+End - Goes to end of the document.
Shift+Home - Highlights from current position to the beginning of a line.
Shift+End - Highlights from current position to end of a line.
Ctrl+Left arrow - Moves one word to the left at a time.
Ctrl+Right arrow - Moves one word to the right at a time.
Ctrl+Esc - Opens the START menu
Ctrl+Shift+Esc - Opens Windows Task Manager
Alt+F4 - Close the currently active program
Alt+Enter- Open the Properties for the selected item (file, folder, shortcut, etc.)

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Pc Shortcut Keys For Special Characters

Alt+0191 - ¿
Alt+0176 - °  (degree symbol)
Alt+0177 - ±  (plus/minus symbol)
Alt+0153 - ™
Alt+0169 - ©
Alt+0248 - ø
Alt+0223 - ß

Alt+0252 - ü
Alt+0174 - ®
Alt+0128 - €  (Euro currency)
Alt+0162 - ¢  (Cent symbol)
Alt+0163 - £  (British Pound currency)
Alt+0198 - Æ
Alt+0231 - ç
Alt+0242 - ò
Alt+0241 - ñ
Alt+0228 - ä
Alt+0246 - ö
Alt+0165 - ¥  (Japanese Yen currency)
Alt+0224 - à
Alt+0232 - è
Alt+0236 - ì

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